Fees & finance

Please find below our tuition fees for the part-time MBA programme commencing July 2017. If you need any assistance or would like to speak to a course counsellor please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Total cost - GBP £36,367, paid as follows:

Coursework tuition fee (4 instalments) = GBP £9,159.25 per instalment

Full application before March: 3% discount off total fee GBP 35,537.89,

GBP 8,884.47 discounted installment fee, per installment

  • For early payment scheme, please refer to our admission team
  • The fees listed above are correct at the time of publication
  • MBS Worldwide reserves the right to make changes without notice


1. Tuition fees are set for each intake and are held for individual students provided there is no break in the continuous period of study.
2. Coursework tuition fees includes: Study Guides, Course Textbooks & Required Readings.
3. Examinations (excluding resits) at international executive centres and Manchester Business School Worldwide approved examination venues are included in the tuition fee. Should you have to resit the examination resit fee is currently set at GBP £100.
4. The first semester fee is payable upon confirmation of admission and subsequently pay the balance of the first semester fees upon commencing the semester.
5. The fees listed above apply to students registering directly with the MBA Office in Shanghai and attending the residential workshop sessions in Shanghai. Students from countries designated to our international executive centres must register through the stipulated centre and pay the applicable fees. Students from these countries will be advised of enrolment procedures and fees by the appropriate Centre.
6. Subject to the approval of the Academic Director, in the event that a student wishes to cancel their registration on the MBA Programme the following general policy on refund fees may be applied without prejudice. Withdrawal up to the end (Friday, 5pm) of the 4th week in the semester: a refund of 50% of the semesterly tuition fee paid.

Please complete our online application form and we will endeavour to provide you with a speedy decision in order to make the enrolment process as swift and smooth as possible.